Green your school canteen – reduce your food waste, swap out single use plastics, provide healthy food options.



St Cecila’s school canteen healthy options

School canteens are a great platform for showcasing school sustainability. They provide opportunities for students to make good choices about healthy food and purchasing and it can serve as a model for the broader school community. 

There are many opportunities to reduce waste and improve the overall sustainability of your canteen. These ideas were explored in our recent webinar, click here to watch our speakers share their practical ideas and solutions.

Ideas and resources

There are plenty of ways you can reduce your reliance on single use plastic in the school canteen. Some may be easier than others – you can make a choice that suits your school community. 

Reusable containers are an option that schools are adopting for drinks, lunches and treats. Research options for suitable containers, make a plan for cleaning and sorting, set up a return station, and make sure the system is clearly communicated with students and the school community. Check with your local council Environmental Health Officer about rules in your area for cleaning reuseable containers. 

Ideas to reduce food waste in your canteen

  • Turn off electrical appliances over the holidays 
  • Check seals are working on all appliances
  • Consider energy rating and repairs when purchasing new appliances
  • Streamline your workflow 

Running a school canteen in a way that is financially and socially sustainable is an issue too! Many canteens are reliant on P&C volunteers and limited staffing, and change management can be challenging. Explore these links for supporting resources