Project templates

These templates can help with starting and running an environment club at your school.

Project planning tools

(Insert club name) Project Plan

A project plan is a document which maps out what your project is, why it is it important and the basic steps you will need to make it happen. It will help you to stay on track and evaluate your success once the project is complete.

Project title

Project purpose/aim

The project purpose/aim should outline the overarching goal of your project. It is a broad statement about what you want achieve from the project and describes why is this project important.


Objectives are the specific goals of your project; they should be clear and measurable.

Steps to make it happen

What are the basic steps you will take to accomplish your project?

Resources needed

Identify the resources you need to achieve your project; e.g. computer, video camera, money.


Evaluation method

What does success look like and how are you going to track and measure your success?

Download the project plan template

A stakeholder is any person or group with an interest in your school’s sustainability activities. Mapping out these stakeholders is a great way to start a project. Once you have identified them, you can work out when and how you will communicate with them to help support your project.

Here are some examples of potential stakeholders and how to work with them:

Internal Stakeholders 

i. the school executive, including the principal
ii. teachers who might be able to help; e.g. science teacher, geography teacher, art teacher, IT
iii. grounds keepers and cleaners


i. invite school executive and community members to brainstorming and planning meeting in two weeks


i. set up a meeting with the school executive and invite them to planning meeting

External Stakeholders

i. parents (Parents & Friends)
ii. community groups in your project area; e.g Landcare
iii. community organisations that might support you; e.g. the local football club
iv. Potential partner organisations that have resources that you could use

i. invite community groups to speak at research meeting next week

1. ask teacher to call or email local community groups to speak at next meeting

Download the stakeholder map template  

[Club name] Meeting agenda




Minute taker:


For example: To discuss ideas for fundraising event


For example:

1:30 pm – Welcome

1:40 pm – Brainstorm ideas for fundraising

2:15 pm – Discuss logistics

  • Who will be leading the fundraiser?
  • Where will it happen?
  • When will it happen?
  • What will we need?
  • Who do we need to talk to?

Download the meeting agenda template